The CITY STAR Offer applies for a flat rate prices for a group of max. 5 adults and 1 child with a ticket validity of 1 month.

This offer is valid for traffic between:

– Macedonia-Austria

– Macedonia-Croatia

– Macedonia-Slovenia

– Macedonia-Czech Republic

– Macedonia-Slovakia

Ticket prices for this offer shall be set according to the distance for single and return journey, in transit and number of passengers travelling together. One passenger pays full amount of the fare price, the accompanying passengers pay half of the adult’s price, and for a child shall be calculated a quarter of the adult’s price.

The tickets issued for the offer Macedonia-Austria are part of the electronic sales system connected to the tickets available in a limited range in the booking system. CITY STAR Austria tickets are issued for a group of max. 5 persons including children. For CITY STAR Austria the accompanying passenger has no right to an additional discount, and for a child half of the adult’s price shall be paid.

Note: The tickets for the offer CITY STAR Macedonia-Austria are issued only if the passenger has made a seat reservation in advance for one of the two contingents determined by the CITY STAR offer. The reservation is free of charge, but the fare prices for CITY STAR contingent 1 are lower than those from contingent 2. The electronic booking system for international carriage can be performed in station Skopje.

This offer doesn’t grant refund of a partially used tickets.