The Transport Joint Stock Company Macedonian Railways Transport AD – Skopje (MZ Transport AD – Skopje), by decision of the Government, was established on 08-05-2007 year.

Founder of the Company is the Government.

The firm and the headquarters of the company, as the legal successor of PE Macedonian Railways CO – Skopje is located on the street “Treta Makedonska Brigada” bb, 1000 Skopje, Macedonia.

Macedonian Railways Transport JSC – Skopje

1000 Skopje ul. “Treta Makedonska Brigada” bb

PO Box: 547

Tel .: +389 (0) 2 / 3248-701

Fax: +389 (0) 2 / 3248-719

Fax: +389 (0) 2 / 3248-720



The main objective of the Company is providing high-quality transport services: safe, accurate, convenient, timely transport of passengers and goods in domestic and international rail traffic. Simultaneously, the Company, to ensure greater productivity, utilization of existing resources, development, safe and healthy working environment.

MZ Transport AD – Skopje with its assets offers transport in general sustainability of social values, and in order to deliver quality, reliable, economic and environmentally friendly transport services for passengers, goods and services of shunting trains, according to the needs of interested countries.

The vision of MZ Transport AD – Skopje is to ensure conditions for optimal development and integration, as recommended by the UIC and EU directives establishing, thus, the model of corporate governance on the principles of market operations – satisfaction, on the one hand – the users of our services, and the other – the employees of the company.

Thus, using it’s position, crossing corridors 10 and 8, we can easily attain the role of a national leader in the transport of passengers and goods, and at the same time be the preferred carrier in the neighborhood.